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Published on April 20, 2024
Arizona Mexican Mafia Members Indicted on 50 Counts in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Fraud SchemeSource: Arizona Attorney General's Office

Members and associates linked to the feared Arizona Mexican Mafia now face a gauntlet of legal woes, Attorney General Kris Mayes revealed in a pounding blow against crime, the group was indicted on a sweeping 50-count charge for milking Pandemic Unemployment Assistance funds in a calculated fraud during the height of the global crisis. The crew of hustlers, embroiled in allegedly running a deception racket pulled the wool over state eyes in 2020 and 2021 cooking up faux claims to pocket government cash meant for those knocked off their working feet by the pandemic's wrath.

The indictment handed down by the State Grand Jury details a laundry list of offenses that reads like a manual on white-collar crime: fraud schemes and artifices, involvement in a criminal syndicate, and money laundering with a sprinkle of conspiracy, according to the Arizona Attorney General's office. While the presumption of innocence remains their shield until proven otherwise, the noose appears to be tightening as the jury prepares to weigh the evidence that could pin them to the wall of guilt beyond any iota of doubt.

A maze of law enforcement agencies united to bring down this alleged scam syndicate, spearheaded by the FBI Phoenix Violent Street Gangs Task Force and the eagle-eyed investigative prowess of the United States Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s Covid Fraud Unit. Weaving through the bureaucracy to ensure no stone was left unturned, these outfits worked in tandem with local counterparts: the Arizona Department of Economic Security Inspector General’s Office, the state's Department of Corrections Rehabilitation and Reentry Inspector General's Office, the FBI’s Correctional Intelligence Task Force and the Federal Bureau of Prisons National Gang Unit pitched in to bring the long arm of the law to bear,

The sum and substance of the charges are a stark reminder of the audacious lengths some will stretch to profit in times of public suffering - a blow to the stomach for the honest, hardworking souls that aid sought to reach. As this indictment unfolds into trials, the Arizona Mexican Mafia could face a reckoning that not only mars their blemished legacy but sends a message echoing through the underworld: fraud, even in the face of vast human hardship, is a game with an inevitable end. Those hungering for a full serving of justice can view the indictment in its entirety on the Attorney General's website.