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Published on April 16, 2024
Balcones Heights Officer Fatally Shoots Assault Suspect, Sparking Community UnrestSource: Google Street View

A deadly encounter unfolded last week on the streets of Balcones Heights, where a police officer fatally shot a woman reported to have assaulted the officer with a homemade weapon. The incident, which transpired on the evening of April 12 on North Crossroads Boulevard near major traffic arteries Interstate 10 and Loop 410, has since sparked a tingling undercurrent of unrest in a community acquainted all too well with such narratives.

The Balcones Heights Police Department detailed the event, stating that Marta Prater, 29, instigated an assault on responding officers. Attempts to bring the situation under control non-lethally, through the use of Tasers, failed to subdue Prater, leading up to the shooting. After reportedly being chased by the weapon-wielding woman, one of the officers ultimately discharged their firearm, ending Prater's life, according to a statement from the Balcones Heights Police Chief relayed by FOX San Antonio.

Further reporting by KSAT describes the chaotic scenes where not only did Prater to allegedly engage officers with improvised armaments, but also shattered the rear window of a patrol vehicle before the fatal shots were fired. These actions came despite the officers’ repeated efforts to use a Taser on her, which proved ineffective, as per the Balcones Heights Police Chief John Jahanara's account in a report by KSAT. The identity of the officer involved in the shooting has not been disclosed.

The developing story continues to unfold as investigators delve into the circumstances that prefaced this mortal juncture. The investigation is ongoing.