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Published on April 30, 2024
Meta Waves $5,000 Carrot for Viral Threads Posts, Eyes Creator-Led Expansion in Silicon ValleySource: Google Street View

In a strategic move to stoke the fires of creativity among its users, Meta has unfurled a cash-engorged banner for social media creators. The Silicon Valley titan is offering a bonus program for original posts on its blossoming platform Threads, as reported by SFist. With over 150 million monthly users now thumbing through its content, Meta is dishing out up to $5,000 for posts that hit the viral jackpot, with certain conditions applying.

The initiative is invite-only and doles out rewards for viral content, with required sign-up through Instagram, where admins will orchestrate both platforms' bonus schemes. Qualifying creators were made aware that posts must be original, not artificially enhanced for visibility, and free of copyrighted and watermarked material from rival platforms like YouTube or TikTok, as shared by Matt Navarra of

Parameters for the payout, as outlined by TechCrunch, stipulate that posts garner at least 2,500 views to qualify. Further cementing the rules, creators' content must not be in league with brand partnerships, a clear pivot to harness untainted user-generated material. Payouts have thresholds, and non-qualifiers may get a second chance in future incentives, the company added.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg pinned his hopes on Threads, touting the potential reach of the app, poising to hit a billion users eventually, but for now basking in its recent triumph of overpassing 150 million monthly users. The platform's user base in the U.S. has reportedly eclipsed that of competitor Xitter, as per SFist insights.

In a realm where catchy snippets can mean a windfall, Meta's Threads app has become the newest hunting ground for digital creators to cash in. On the flip side, as Engadget points out, this trial program offers a glimpse into Meta's broader strategy to harness creator-led growth. Aiming to fast-track Platform's popularity, Meta's partnership with megastar Taylor Swift for album promotions has already shown the pulling power of big names in the Threads universe.