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San Francisco

California is set to rescind mask mandates next month, but Bay Area counties likely to sort out their own new rules

With California less than a month away from its "full-reopening" on June 15, and after the Centers for Disease Control rescinded its mask mandate last week, it's still not clear what a mostly vaccinated, maskless, post-pandemic Bay Area will look like. Read More

Nov 10, 2020
San Francisco

Menlo Park school board president resigns over wife’s racist Kamala Harris tweets

Some crude speculation about Kamala Harris’ anatomy has led to the resignation of the Las Lomitas Elementary School District president. Read More

Nov 08, 2020
San Francisco Castro Civic Center Embarcadero Union Square

Photos: Celebrations erupted throughout the city after Biden wins presidency

People spilled into the streets Saturday morning and afternoon as SF residents celebrated the election of Joe Biden to the presidency. For some, the wait since Tuesday’s election had felt interminable and the relief and joy at the decision was palpable at the celebrations. Read More

Nov 04, 2020
San Francisco

Most SF ballot measures likely to win; proposition to lower local voting age expected to lose

With San Francisco eyeing to set a city voting turnout record, the vast majority of local propositions on this year’s ballot are expected to win as votes continue being counted. Read More

Nov 02, 2020
San Francisco

Nine San Francisco Public Library branches now have ballot drop-off stations

Over the weekend, multiple drop-off ballot stations across San Francisco opened for early voting — including nine at San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) locations. Read More

Oct 19, 2020
San Francisco

SF's popular outdoor dining parklets may go away unless supervisors extend program past December

SF’s temporary parklets have proven to be good for businesses and locals looking for some pre-pandemic normalcy — but the City program responsible for them is set to expire December 31. Read More

Oct 16, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center

Alt-right rabble-rousers get their ‘Free Speech Rally’ permit for Saturday, but it’s at Civic Center

A cast of D-list QAnon mini-celebrities had planned to protest in Dolores Park Saturday, but have scored a permit for Civic Center instead. Read More

Oct 08, 2020
San Francisco Mission

Allegedly planned "free speech" rally featuring QAnon figures in Dolores Park has not sought permit

A rally featuring Proud Boys adherents and QAnon conspiracy folk for which there is an online flyer and website is purported to be happening in Dolores Park on October 17. Read More

Oct 07, 2020
San Francisco Union Square

City sued for SFPD use of private cameras to track May and June protests in Union Square

Three protestors are suing San Francisco after police accessed a privately-run network of security cameras to surveil organized protests against police violence this summer. Read More

Jun 18, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Mid-Market Tenderloin

USPS alarms neighbors with Civic Center post office closure letter

The U.S. Post Office at Fox Plaza in Civic Center is not closing — despite a confusing letter recently sent to customers with P.O. boxes at that location. Read More

Jun 12, 2020
San Francisco Tenderloin

City settles UC Hastings' Tenderloin lawsuit with plan to move hundreds of unhoused people

The city plans to move about 70% of tent dwellers to a hotel room or "safe sleeping site" — and those who refuse will be at the mercy of police. Read More

Jun 11, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Mid-Market Tenderloin

How San Francisco has failed the Tenderloin

On May 6, the city released an eight-point plan to turn around the Tenderloin. We investigated its progress — and found almost none. Read More

Jun 08, 2020
San Francisco Castro Duboce Triangle Mission

Castro's safe sleeping site opens today at Everett Middle School, with a tight deadline for success

Staff and case managers at the temporary camping site will have just six weeks to come up with a plan for the people who move there. Read More

May 31, 2020
San Francisco

Scenes from the George Floyd protest in San Francisco

Protesters gathered at UN Plaza to demand justice for George Floyd, who was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, and for other African-American victims of police violence. Read More

May 26, 2020
San Francisco Tenderloin

City opens empty Tenderloin parking lot for camping, with no services provided

The previously empty parking lot, which the city is paying a private security company $6,000 a week to monitor, will now accommodate up to ten tents without sanitation services. Read More

May 26, 2020
San Francisco Cole Valley Upper Haight

Neighbors, led by Amoeba Music owner, consider legal action against Haight tent village

Several Haight neighborhood groups have opposed the "safe sleeping site," and one, led by Amoeba Music and Escape From New York's owners, is considering a lawsuit. Read More

May 19, 2020
San Francisco

As tents line Tenderloin sidewalks, city pays $6,000/week to guard empty lot

Even before the pandemic, a proposal called for the lot to temporarily house homeless people — but the city is paying to keep it empty. Read More

May 06, 2020
San Francisco Civic Center Tenderloin

Tenderloin plaintiffs suing city say pandemic isn't the real problem

The Tenderloin isn't just suing the city over COVID-19 safety issues — it's refusing to go back to an already catastrophic "old normal," plaintiffs say. Read More

May 05, 2020
San Francisco Castro Duboce Triangle

Taking out the trash: Castro's 'smart waste' receptacles set to be removed [Updated]

While many neighborhoods have embraced the "smart" Bigbelly cans, the Castro CBD says they haven't proven to be worth the cost. Read More

Apr 29, 2020
San Francisco Castro Duboce Triangle

City approves 'Safe Sleeping Sites' at schools, parking lots as encampments grow

The Board of Supervisors and the San Francisco Board of Education approved the 'Safe Sleeping Sites' resolution, which would provide space and services to unhoused people with no access to shelter. Read More

Apr 15, 2020
San Francisco Cole Valley Golden Gate Park Inner Richmond Inner Sunset NoPa Upper Haight

City will cite, arrest revelers congregating for 4/20, Mayor says

The official 4/20 event was canceled weeks ago, but the city is concerned people may unofficially congregate to smoke. Read More

Apr 07, 2020
San Francisco

Battle over hotel rooms for homeless comes to a head as Supervisors introduce emergency legislation

A group of Supervisors is hoping to shake Mayor Breed into action on preventatively housing homeless people — and if they can't, they'll force her hand. Read More

Mar 31, 2020
San Francisco

San Francisco extends shelter-in-place to May 3, with new limits on construction, parks, and more

"It appears that our collective effort has started to have a positive impact," the order reads, "but the infection rate has not yet leveled off and more needs to be done to flatten the curve." Read More

Mar 24, 2020
San Francisco

Racing against time, city bolsters protections for renters impacted by COVID-19 shutdown

If you're an SF renter who's lost income during the shutdown, here's what you need to know. Read More

Mar 10, 2020
San Francisco

Following ICE arrest at SF courthouse, Public Defender's Office announces new protections

The San Francisco Public Defender's Office announced new protections available to undocumented immigrants attending court hearings on Monday, in response to an arrest by ICE agents on March 3 Read More