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Published on April 23, 2024
Carrollton Readies for Woodlake Lake Overhaul with $2.5 Million in Upgrades from 2018 Bond PackageSource: City of Carrollton

Carrollton residents eager for local outdoor enhancements will soon witness the fruits of their 2018 ballot box turnout, as the city prepares for renovations to Woodlake Lake. The $22.4 million parks and recreation bond package, backed by voter support, earmarks approximately $2.5 million for the lake's upgrades, aiming to turn the area into a community hub.

Site renovations are set to commence by the close of April, weather playing ball, and the lake located at the corner of N. Josey Lane and E. Peters Colony Road is on a course to get new amenities including a pavilion with steps to the water, scenic plantings, a spot for food trucks with outdoor dining and ADA-compliant kayak access, and - touch wood - maybe even extra parking, according to city announcements.

Expressing the project's community-centered ethos, Carrollton's Director of Engineering, Jonathan Wheat detailed in a March 2022 City Council meeting, "The design will focus on adding elements that encourage the community to gather, pause during a run, and enjoy the outdoors." Such a design implies not only aesthetic improvements but also functional enhancements to increase the ease and pleasure of utilizing the space.

Selected in early 2021, after a demanding proposal solicitation, MESA Design Group spearheads the design aspect of the lake's facelift, they're syncing with the city's hand-picked construction firm, Mills Development and Construction – Dallas, LLC, which scored the build contract this January, Carrolton's planners, the Parks & Recreation Department and the City Council have been juggling the bond package stipulations, neighborly concerns, and a shared commitment to maintain the area's calm character—with the completion targeted for first-quarter 2025.

The project points its efforts at the lake's northeastern end after detailed presentations to the City Council last year and as recently as July 2023. This initiative is part of the broader commitment by Carrollton to both levitate its residents' quality of life and augment the aesthetic appeal and functionality of its public spaces.