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Published on April 19, 2024
CeeLo Green Buys Atlanta's Famed "Dungeon" to Honor Late Music Icon Rico WadeSource: Wikipedia/Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Atlanta's music scene takes a deep bow to history as rapper CeeLo Green honors the late Rico Wade with a significant real estate purchase. Green, a member of the Goodie Mob, has scooped up Wade's former "Dungeon" home, a landmark in Atlanta's hip-hop journey. Announced in an Instagram post, he and his sister closed the deal on the "White House," as it's known, shelling out close to $1 million.

Wade, who passed away last Saturday at 52, was a founding member of the Dungeon Family and part of the trio Organized Noize. His career was marked by his contributions to iconic albums and the launch of careers for artists like OutKast and Green himself. Making the home vacant for years, the grooves and beats that resonated from its walls found a new guardian in Green. "I then took it upon myself to acquire this monument and Landmark. It was too important and invaluable to leave it be," Green wrote, as stated in a FOX5 Atlanta report.

The house held significance beyond its physical structure; it was a cradle for Atlanta artists where the rich musical heritage of the city was nurtured. As noted in an 11 Alive article, Green reflected, "We were poor, but we were proud," emphasizing the determination they had in making their mark with the limited resources at their disposal.

Reflecting on Wade's legacy, Green takes not just a step, but a leap to ensure the musical titan's influence endures through time. "It came to my attention that it was on the market. I took it upon myself to acquire this monument and landmark," Green added, echoing his commitment to preserve the site which stands as a testament to the innovation and spirit of the Atlanta music scene, as reported by 11 Alive. According to his Instagram post, Green plans to transform the house into a museum to immortalize the city's musical golden years.

Among those who reminisced about Wade's impact was Goodie Mob's own. Friends like Dee Murray and Curtis Daniel III took a moment with 11 Alive to reflect on his role as a leader in the music culture. "Rico Wade was appointed commander and chief of Atlanta music culture," Green wrote as he, along with other Dungeon Family members, acknowledge the pivotal role Wade played. The house's legacy was further extended when OutKast member Big Boi turned it into an Airbnb in 2021, adding another layer to its storied past.

Green's plan is not just to safeguard memories but to share them. Wade's home will serve as a beacon, inviting visitors to discover the heartbeat of an era that defined and still echoes throughout Atlanta's music landscape. "If you’re ever in Atlanta on the southside," Green promised, "come see us sometime and we will take good care of you, the way Father took care of us," as reported by FOX5 Atlanta.