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Published on April 11, 2024
CenterPoint Energy to Upgrade Gas Lines in Lynnhurst, Residents Notified of Work ScheduleSource: CenterPoint Energy

Residents of Lynnhurst's southern sector should expect to see crews from Michels Corporation, an authorized contractor for CenterPoint Energy, toiling away in their neighborhood, as they upgrade natural gas lines and relocate meters from inside to outside of homes. According to the official project web page, this effort will span across several blocks including the 5000 block of Bryant Avenue S., 4800 block of Colfax Avenue S., and continues through to the 5000 block of Girard Avenue S.

Before any work begins residents should look out for a postcard from CenterPoint Energy, explaining the scope of the project and what to expect; the crews, identifiable by authorized photo IDs, will coordinate closely with homeowners to schedule appropriate times for the work if no one's home upon their visit, they will leave a contact tag for rescheduling. A crew typically tackles about one block each week and property-specific work may involve replacing or reconnecting the service line based on its current condition, and despite the efficiency of the crews; residents should be prepared for sidewalk panel removals and some excavation near their property.

Revising home natural gas systems isn't just a matter of laying pipes but also requires logistical coordination to suit residents' schedules, aiming for minimal disruption. Inside meter relocations are slated for approximately two to three hours, with technicians discussing optimal outdoor placement that complies with safety regulations, ensuring meters are a minimum of three feet from windows, doors, and vents. Upon completion, technicians will not only install the new meters outside, but they'll also ensure that the natural gas appliance pilot lights are reignited in each affected home.

Those curious about the ongoing construction or who may have outstanding inquiries are encouraged to reach out to Hannah Gullickson, the Communication Specialist for CenterPoint Energy, who can provide additional information—they can be contacted at 612-321-5546 or through email at [email protected]. As crews forge ahead with these infrastructure upgrades, CenterPoint Energy extends its gratitude to the community for their patience and cooperation during this process.