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Published on April 14, 2024
"Corona Girl" Identified After 30 Years: Texas Family Finds Closure as DNA Solves Mystery of Sue Ann Huskey's IdentitySource: Unsplash / Sasun Bughdaryan

After over three decades of uncertainty and mystery, the young woman once only known as "Corona Girl" has been identified, bringing a sliver of closure to a Texas family grappling with her loss. Sue Ann Huskey, the name that has finally been given to the victim found on a Jarrell, Texas roadside in 1989, was identified through a combination of DNA analysis and genealogical tracing, as reported by FOX 7 Austin.

An identification breakthrough took years, but thanks to the efforts of a dedicated cold case unit and advancements in DNA technology, the Williamson County Sheriff's Office was able to close a chapter in a long-standing investigation.

"She was my baby daughter," Sue Bryant, the mother of Sue Ann Huskey told KVUE over the phone, after being informed by a detective of the DNA match that finally put a name to their loved one's remains.

When Huskey's body was discovered on Sept. 25, 1989, little was known about her, except for the Corona beer T-shirt she wore, which led to her moniker and represented one of the few clues. She was estimated to be in her late 20s by the medical examiner; however, it was later revealed that she was only 17 years of age.

According to FOX 7 Austin, Det. Mary Lewis of the Williamson County Sheriff's Office's Cold Case Unit explained, "She was known to hitchhike at various points. So maybe that is how she got to the general area. We really don't know." Huskey's sister, Michelle Barnard, said. Barnard's account detailed how their brother took Sue to a truck stop; after he went in to get coffee, he returned to find her gone.

In a heartfelt statement obtained by KVUE, Michelle Barnard said, "They have given our sister back and now we can take her home," thanking the teams involved in the painstaking work it took to identify Huskey.

While the identity of "Corona Girl" has been uncovered, Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody cautioned the family to withhold certain information, as active leads and the overall investigation into her death by gunshot continue. Williamson County Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for information that leads to an arrest and urges anyone with information to come forward.