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Published on April 02, 2024
Delia Jimenez Cioc Breaks New Ground as Riverside County's First Female Agricultural CommissionerSource: Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner's Office

Breaking new ground in Riverside County, Delia Jimenez Cioc has been named the first female Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures, stepping up after Ruben Arroyo's retirement. In a county where the richness of the soil is as well-known as its sprawling suburbs, Jimenez Cioc is to fully take over a position deeply rooted in the fabric of both agricultural and consumer protection.

Following nearly two decades of working with Riverside County's Agricultural Commissioner's Office, she is prepared to even further push forward the department's goals. "We are pleased to welcome Delia as the new Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures," Board Chair Chuck Washington told RivCo. He highlighted her "true passion for agriculture and public service" as key to her appointment.

Jimenez Cioc's climb up the ranks starting from 2004 has seen her wearing many hats - Supervising Agricultural and Standards Investigator, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer, and, before this new promotion, Assistant Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer. She's walked the walk when it comes to managing budgets, overseeing personnel, and ensuring that regulations are met consistently with the precision and dedication expected of someone in her position.

With a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Biology from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and a Master of Public Administration from California Baptist University, Jimenez Cioc is poised to not only effectively lead but also innovatively steer the department towards new heights. "I remain committed to promoting and protecting our agriculture, the environment, and the residents of our beautiful and diverse county while upholding equity in the marketplace," she said as per RivCo.

Her personal affinity for agriculture is not one bred from mere obligation; it's the product of a lifetime spent amidst the fields and farms, a history which gives her a deep and binding connection to the land and its keepers. In her backyard garden and through her explorations of varied cuisines and cultures while traveling, she ties both the personal and the professional strands of her passion for agriculture. At the helm of over 50 employees now, Delia Jimenez Cioc steps into a role pivotal for both the growth of crops and the measure of marketplace fairness.