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Published on April 05, 2024
Eanes ISD Turns Total Solar Eclipse Into Educational Bonanza, Keeps Schools Open for Cosmic Learning ExperienceSource: Larry D. Moore, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While some schools are shutting their doors in anticipation of an astronomical spectacle, Eanes ISD is bucking the trend by keeping its classrooms open. The district is set to turn the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8 into an educational extravaganza, providing every student with the necessary tools to safely enjoy the rare event. As the moon slides between Earth and the sun, every pupil in Eanes ISD will be armed with special eclipse glasses courtesy of the Eanes Education Foundation and local benefactors Stephanie and Brett Dyer, owners of Nightlight Insurance Agency, as reported by Community Impact.

Educators across the Eanes ISD are gearing up to quickly integrate the eclipse into their curricula with a range of lessons and activities centered around this cosmic occurrence. Students are expected to also observe a roughly 10-degree drop in temperature as the eclipse casts its shadow, creating a perfect real-world connection to their studies. "I thought that this would be like kind of a neat way to get them excited about what’s going to happen on Monday," Lencioni said, in a statement obtained by  KXAN. Her classroom of fourth graders is especially eager, with one student, Delilah Mejia, 9, marveling at the prospect of midday darkness beckoning nocturnal creatures. Her classmate, Kiran Patel, 10, expressed his anticipation: "No sun. No moon. The transition. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that," he said.

As total eclipses are a rarity not to be seen again in the United States until 2044, the educational opportunity is one Eanes ISD doesn't plan to squander. Still, parents who'd rather their children not partake in the outdoor viewing can opt out these students will be offered a chance to safely watch the event unfold via a NASA livestream under supervision, as per Community Impact.

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