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Published on May 07, 2024
Wisconsin Man Indicted for Attempted Murder After Dog-Assisted Assault in McHenry ParkSource: Unsplash/Andrea Ferrario

A barbaric incident unfolded in McHenry Park on Sunday when a man reportedly unleashed a brutal attack on a woman, summoning his dog to join the assault. 47-year-old Raymond Link faces attempted murder charges after the unprovoked attack in Peterson Park, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Police statement revealed that the Wisconsin man, accompanied by his off-leash dog, physically assaulted the 59-year-old victim around 3:25 p.m., causing her to sustain severe facial wounds and multiple dog bites. Following the savage incident, she was first taken to Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital, then flown to Condell Medical Center in Libertyville in critical condition. A 37-year-old man intervened during the attack but was bitten, and suffered a broken clavicle, according to ABC7 Chicago.

Link was apprehended on Monday, facing a slew of charges, including one count of attempted murder and multiple counts of aggravated battery. The McHenry Police Department clarified that there was no known connection between Link and his victims. The accused's dog managed to escape the scene post-attack but was eventually captured and taken into the custody of McHenry County Animal Control.

In a statement obtained by ABC7 Chicago, a local resident expressed his admiration for the intervening Good Samaritan, "I understand there was man who was a spectator out there who was able to jump in and help that lady, which is a remarkable thing. He should be given recognition for that." While McHenry remains shaken by the violence, prosecutors revealed the chilling motive behind Link's actions, claiming he saw himself as "an angel of death." During Link's disruptive court appearance, Judge Michael Chmiel had to reschedule the hearing after transferring him to a more secure location due to his unwieldy behavior.

As the investigation continues, the McHenry community grapples with the shocking violence that shatters the tranquility of their suburban park. Authorities are urging anyone with information to contact the McHenry Police Tip line at (815) 363-2124, ensuring that all calls will remain anonymous.