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Published on April 24, 2024
Eugene Man Suspected of DUII Unveils Secret Stash: Drugs, Cash, and Firearms FoundSource: City of Eugene, Oregon

In a routine check gone south, police in the River Road area have nabbed a man for reckless driving that led to a discovery of drugs, firearms, and a wad of cash. The Eugene Police Department reported that Emilio Tobon was taken into custody on charges of Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) on April 23, according to the City of Eugene, Oregon.

During the arrest, it became apparent that Tobon was more than just a reckless driver as officers suspected him of carrying a concealed firearm in the vehicle. A search warranted by these suspicions and backed by a trusty K9 officer and his canine companion led to an alarming find. They uncovered a stash of fentanyl, neatly bundled in stacks, along with over $7,000 in cash—proceeds that spoke of the silent whispers of an enterprise shrouded in shadows.

A statement by the Eugene Police detailed that the subsequent warranted search revealed more than what first met the eye. The interior of Tobon's vehicle was akin to a dealer's toolkit: additional fentanyl, packaging materials, scales, and not one but four handguns were uncovered, painting a picture of a man entrenched in the drug trade.

The charges against Tobon are grave, potentially severing ties with a life once lived above the whisperings of the underground. He was lodged for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Delivery of a Controlled Substance Schedule II, and DUII. The Eugene Police have not divulged additional details, but the implications of the charges suggest a web of activities far-reaching into the community's underbelly, a web that Tobon may have helped to weave.