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Published on April 17, 2024
Former Employee Hendry Gonzalez-Castellanos Accused of Theft, Forgery in Business Check SchemeSource: Facebook/Mark Herman, Harris County Constable Precinct 4

A former employee is now in the crosshairs of law enforcement after ripping off his previous employer in a painstakingly plotted theft and forgery scheme. The suspect, identified as Hendry Gonzalez-Castellanos, allegedly helped himself to a hefty sum of money by forging checks from the business's checkbooks over several months.

According to Constable Mark Herman's Facebook post, this former employee has been accused of penning checks to himself between February and November of 2023. The business owner, upon discovering the missing checkbooks, prompted an investigation that unearthed the suspect methodically forging signatures and converting the checks into a personal windfall.

Investigative efforts ramped up as constable's office sifted through bank records and surveillance footage, capturing Gonzalez-Castellanos in the act of passing these forged checks. The meticulous gathering of evidence has led to the current predicament for the accused, who has evaded capture thus far.

"Hendry Jose Gonzalez-Castellanos is currently wanted by law enforcement for Aggregate Theft and Aggregate Forgery. His bond has not been set at this time out of the 179th District Court," stated Constable Mark Herman, as he sounded the alarm for the public's assistance in tracking down the suspect. Information on Gonzalez-Castellanos's whereabouts is being sought eagerly by authorities, who urge anyone with knowledge to come forward and aid in the arrest.