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Published on April 30, 2024
Houston Activist Dr. Candice Matthews Targeted With Noose and Racist Threats Amid Powerful ExposésSource: Dr. Candice Matthews

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is delving into a menacing incident where Dr. Candice Matthews, a notable Houston community activist and State Chair of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, discovered a rope configured as a noose and a threatening letter littered with racial slurs in her mailbox, according to Houston Chronicle. Matthews, who doubles as a provider for the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and manages a child-placing agency contract with the Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS), believes the intimidations are related to her recent exposes on the aforementioned entities.

The handwritten letter with explicit warnings for Matthews to desist from her involvement with DFPS and HHSC was discovered on Sunday morning and contained a passage threatening the activist with draggings reminiscent of the tragic fate of James Byrd, coupled with denigrations targeting "N-word providers," during this investigation, which has now been escalated to the Violent Crimes Unit of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, it has prompted them to reach out for public assistance, asking anyone with information to call the department at 713-274-9100, as KHOU reported.

The unnerving discovery is reported to have greatly upset Matthews and her family, although she vowed to persist in her advocacy; in a statement obtained by KHOU, Dr. Matthews expressed her outrage, saying, "My family is very upset behind this, this is unacceptable and I feel some kind of way about it and I’m highly pissed off." Despite the threat, she has been unyielding in her mission to bring fairness and justice for all children, emphasizing the need for respectful and equitable treatment of those providing support to vulnerable youths.

In her Instagram video statement, Dr. Matthews underscored the importance of her activism and determination in combating systemic issues, saying, "Got A Death Threat In The Mail At My Home…. I Guess I’m Exposing DFPS and HHSC Too Much!!! I’m Never Scared!!!!" This event serves as a stark reminder of the perils faced by those who challenge powerful institutions and stand against injustice. Her work notably includes "Hoodies for Healing" and whistleblowing on local government corruption and public health crises such as bedbug infestations in senior living facilities.