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Published on April 13, 2024
Glendale and Los Angeles Police Crack Down on Drug Trade: Over One Ton of Cocaine Seized in SoCal RaidsSource: Facebook/Glendale Police Department

Big-time drug operation busted by Glendale and Los Angeles police this week as both departments swooped in on locations across Southern California, snagging a massive haul of drugs, cash, and guns. On a coordinated mission on April 10, the Glendale Police Department Narcotics Detective and Special Enforcement Bureau, with a hand from LAPD's Gang and Major Narcotics Detectives, unleashed a series of search warrants and put a dent in the drug trade with over one ton of cocaine—the street value, a cool $55 million.

Working together, the two departments cracked down in Riverside, Hesperia, and San Gabriel, netting several arrests. Armed with, among other evidence, firearms and a sizeable chunk of change were recovered during the bust. The agencies broadcasted their score in a release posted on the Glendale city website.

The narcotics crackdown hasn't ended with just drugs. It's part of a larger agenda to sweep clean the streets of violence and offenses running the gamut from money laundering to arms trafficking. Details were sparse, but with such a significant bust, there's no doubt that this operation took months to plan and execute—meticulous hours of surveillance, intel-gathering, and coordination between the departments, culminating in this triumph over traffickers.

For those thirsting for more insight into the raid's inner workings or the potential ripple effects it might have on Southern California's underworld, LAPD's Media Relations Division is the go-to point of contact. They've propped their lines open for queries and are available at 213-486-5910, ensuring the public's hunger for knowledge about such an impactful operation isn't left unaddressed.