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Published on April 22, 2024
Gov. Healey and Mayor Wu Invited to Speak at Vatican Climate Summit alongside Global LeadersSource: Unsplash/ Simone Savoldi

Bay State heavyweights Governor Maura Healey and Boston Mayor Michelle Wu are set to join the ranks of global leaders at the Vatican next month, following an invitation from Pope Francis to speak at an international climate summit aimed at tackling the profound challenges of climate change. The event, organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, will unfold over three days from May 15 to May 17, as reported by the Boston Herald.

With the climate crisis heightening, Massachusetts climate chief Melissa Hoffer and UMass Boston Chancellor Marcelo Suárez-Orozco are also on the speaker lineup – bringing a strong State presence to the summit's discussions on resiliency, governance, health, and energy. According to the Herald, the summit is set to pivot the global conversation from not only preventing climate change but, also, to adapting to its inevitable effects. Gov. Healey, praised for her State's pioneering efforts to transition to a clean energy economy, characterized the invitation from the Vatican as an "immense honor". While Mayor Wu aims to showcase Boston's concerted climate action initiatives.

Governor Healey's planned address, "Governing in the Age of Climate Change," and Mayor Wu's talk on "Governance, Health and Energy" will be complemented by insights from celebrated climate solutions scholar Ram Ramanathan of UC San Diego and Cornell University. Ramanathan's work on the greenhouse effect of halocarbons has played a pivotal role in the worldwide phase-out of CFCs. He subscribes to the belief that political dialogue must now transcend mitigation and embrace adaptation strategies to brace for worsening climate conditions over the next two decades.

Healey expressed gratitude towards His Holiness for the initiative, stating "This is a global problem that cannot be solved by any one nation alone" and looks forward to the collaboration at the summit with global mayors, governors, academic institutions, and scientists, as reported by the Dorchester Reporter. Mayor Wu praised Boston's track record on climate leadership, pointing to the city’s proactive planning and coordination efforts as evidenced, for a brighter future. Acknowledging the state's front-line role in this battle, Hoffer is expected to deliver a report "from the front lines”, of climate action in Massachusetts.

In essence, this summit represents a confluence of scientific, civic, and religious dimensions in addressing an existential crisis. It underscores an increasingly unequivocal voice across disciplines and geographies: When it comes to climate change, humanity must unite in resilience and collectively rise to the challenge. The Boston delegation's participation in next month's Vatican conclave signifies not only an honor but also sustains Massachusetts’ global presence in the arduous journey toward a sustainable future.