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Published on April 24, 2024
Greenfield Man Suspected in Massachusetts Homicide After Body Found in ApartmentSource: Google Street View

A Greenfield man is behind bars following the grim find of a corpse in a Chapman Street apartment, an incident that's now being treated as a homicide by Massachusetts authorities.

Taaniel Herberger-Brown, 42, became the prime suspect after State Police discovered the unidentified male's body on Monday night and issued an arrest warrant for murder on Tuesday, officials say. In a statement released by Laurie Loisel from the office of Northwestern District Attorney David E. Sullivan, it was revealed that the victim's exact cause of death is still being determined by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, putting a spotlight on the unnerving uncertainty of this case.

The stench of death led police to the apartment after receiving complaints about a foul odor, upon their arrival they found the victim laid out on the floor, no one else was in the apartment. According to the official press release, the apartment where the body was found used to be Herberger-Brown's place of residence.

Law enforcement was able to apprehend Herberger-Brown at the Albany International Airport, his return to Massachusetts to face the murder charge remains pending. Local authorities along with the Massachusetts State Police Crime Scene Services Section, remain on the case, delving deeper into the events that transpired at the Chapman Street residence.

While the charges suggest a grim narrative of guilt, authorities remind the public, that criminal charges are merely indicators of probable cause and are not definitive of the suspect's guilt. "All defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in court," the press release emphasized.