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Published on April 17, 2024
Knox County to Begin Major Enhancements on S. Northshore Drive This SummerSource: Google Street View

Knox County is gearing up for a revamp of S. Northshore Drive, with construction slated to kick off late this summer and set to smooth the way between The Cove at Concord Park and Choto Road, according to officials. In a statement obtained by WVLT, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs' office detailed plans which include scrambling to dodge heavy traffic periods by limiting lane reductions to less buzzy travel times, hoping to curtail the impact on daily commutes.

Jim Snowden, Senior Director of Knox County Engineering and Public Works, boasted to WBIR about the pedestrian-friendly boardwalk already lying beneath two bridges, along with a freshly minted turn lane at The Cove's entrance, initiatives which dovetail with the upcoming expansion that promises fatter lanes and shoulders, alongside a revamp in guardrails to meet contemporary safety protocols.

Ongoing improvements have their latest addition with the forthcoming modernization of Northshore Drive as seen in the Knox County Commission's nod to right-of-way acquisitions, which will provide much-needed elbow room for construction crews to execute the planned upgrades. This commitment to safety and accessibility was echoed in comments to WATE, whereby Snowden highlighted the broadening of the Concord Greenway to connect seamlessly with existing paths at Choto Road, thus improving pedestrian thoroughfare.

The upscaling efforts not only flesh out the drive for a softer commute but are also a concerted push to sew a safer fabric for non-vehicular travelers—pedestrians and bike riders alike, this collective stride toward progress encapsulates years of strategic planning and aims to deliver, by the simmering heights of next summer, a thoroughfare both expanded in girth and enriched in safety measures, completing a metamorphosis of a once-problematic stretch into an exemplar of modern travel and civic mindfulness.