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Published on April 16, 2024
Mayor Karen Bass Touts Progress in Los Angeles on Homelessness and Crime in 2024 State of the City AddressSource: Mayor Karen Bass

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, in her recent 2024 State of the City address, boasted a strengthened Los Angeles, claiming success in tackling homelessness, crime, and city inefficiencies, according to her office. "The state of our city is stronger today because we have made change and disrupted the status quo," Mayor Bass said, enumerating the administration's achievements such as housing thousands of homeless individuals, reducing violent crime, and quickly rebuilding infrastructure damaged by tropical storm Hilary.

In her address, Bass underlined her administration's strategic approach to public safety and operational reforms, noting that homicides and violent crime rates dipped in 2023, additional service requests were fulfilled compared to the previous year, and steps were taken to eliminate vacant city positions that were impeding critical services, "Vacant positions do not fill potholes, sweep streets or staff parks," the Mayor remarked. With an aim to reset the city budget for the betterment, Mayor Bass underscored the importance of strategic hiring based on real-life demands and continued collaboration at City Hall to craft a budget beneficial for all Angelenos. While acknowledging that disagreements are part of the process, Mayor Bass emphasized the focus should remain on outcomes and the people's business over trivial "Twitter Wars."

Bass detailed the "Inside Safe" initiative as a key strategy in the city's fight against homelessness, shifting from merely managing the problem to aiming towards its eradication, “We will not hide people – instead, we will house people," Mayor Bass proclaimed. She was quoted highlighting the transition from a rescue phase to a recovery phase in addressing this crisis, alongside a call to action for the private sector and philanthropy to contribute to the LA4LA capital campaign designed to expedite housing solutions. The Mayor also promised further initiatives to push Los Angeles to 100% clean energy by 2035 and announced the formation of a new climate cabinet to realize this vision.

On the business front, the Mayor credited her Executive Directive for improving the business climate in Los Angeles with measures that included faster permitting and additional support for small business owners and street vendors. Mayor Bass backed the modernization of the Los Angeles Convention Center to reinvigorate Downtown and boost the citywide economy; she regards these efforts as a significant contribution to a superior future for Los Angeles. Furthermore, Mayor Bass discussed law enforcement challenges, brought to light the city's new contract aimed at bolstering LAPD's dwindling numbers, and mentioned the ongoing search for a new LAPD chief that involves public consultation, underscoring her commitment to Angelenos' safety.

The recent tragic event of LAFD Fire Recruit Jacob Fuerte's death was acknowledged by Mayor Bass, with the Mayor extending her condolences and paying tribute to first responders. She also touched upon the Department of Animal Services improvements and celebrated recent moves to support animal well-being within the city. Wrapping up her address, Bass imparted a personal touch, reflecting on the birth of her third grandchild, Oliver, and her resolve to craft a Los Angeles his generation can be proud of. Bass ascertained that Los Angeles is not settling but is consistently striving to outdo the status quo for a better tomorrow.