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Published on April 19, 2024
MnDOT Unveils Free Classes for Small Businesses Eyeing Minnesota Infrastructure ProjectsSource: Unsplash / Evangeline Shaw

Calling all contractors, subcontractors, and professional consultancy firms! The Minnesota Department of Transportation is rolling out a series of free classes and seminars tailored to empower small businesses and foster essential industry skills. This golden opportunity extends through May, with courses on bonding and surety, capital management, and human resources, among others. Those looking to delve into MnDOT's contractual labyrinth will find 'Working with MnDOT' a key that unlocks the mysteries of successful engagement with the state's transportation projects.

With the promise of connecting you to the grid of Minnesota's infrastructure endeavors, MnDOT doesn't stop at education. The bonding education program, anchored by industry titans such as the USDOT and the Surety and Fidelity Association of America, is slated to kick off April 25th. Classes will be held in-person, offering a chance to rub elbows with the guardians of the bonding realm and financial experts. MnDOT's networking fabric is woven tight with events targeting large metro area contractors, and even a bespoke session slated for May 6th where a handshake could be the start of your next big venture.

For those firms looking to get their hands dirty, the agency’s erosion prevention and sediment control installer certification course on April 30th in Otsego is your ticket to a certification that can give you an edge on MnDOT contracts. The professional/technical firms aren't left out, with the networking event on May 20th in Arden Hills setting the table for some serious meet and greet action. Not to mention, a course on the ins and outs of overhead considerations awaits them in early May.

Dig deeper, and you’ll find a chest of resources just waiting to be unlocked. MnDOT isn’t just throwing information at businesses and wishing them well; it’s arming them with the practical tools of the trade. The trucking-focused seminar dishes out tips on job costing and bidding, perfect for those looking to drive their revenues up. And to ensure no firm is left grappling in the dark, MnDOT has extended its Micro Grants program, casting a financial lifeline to small businesses aiming to beef up their MnDOT contract eligibility – but act fast, as this offer is available only until April 30th or until funds exhale.

The lowdown on all events, registration details, and contact information are conveniently curated on MnDOT's events calendar. Survey the field, pick your battles, and equip your business to compete with the heavyweights on Minnesota’s infrastructural stage. In MnDOT’s own words, as obtained by their bulletin, this is their way to help "develop skills, improve your visibility, develop relationships, and compete more effectively on MnDOT work." Consider this your blueprint to building a solid foundation in the world of state contracts.