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Published on April 10, 2024
Nashville Truck Driver Faces Charges After Intentionally Crashing into Millington KrogerSource: Public Safety Director Gary Graves

A shocking incident occurred last night when a Nashville truck driver slammed his 18-wheeler into a Kroger in Millington, causing a scene but thankfully no injuries to the employees inside, in what officials are calling an intentional act.

Clarence Carter, 45, faced charges including two counts of aggravated assault, vandalism, and resisting arrest after driving his semi-truck through the front entrance of the grocery store, as he told police that Kroger owed him money and after employees asked him to return the next day because the store was closed, he decided to leave then directed the full weight of his truck into the establishment, according to Local Memphis.

Millington's public safety department reported to the scene a little before midnight and upon arrival, Carter was attempting to flee but was detained by officers, Millington Fire Department had to abate the immediate dangers presented by the lodged vehicle, which required peeling back the truck's roof to extricate it from within the crumpled Kroger facade; this is according to a release cited by WREG.

Carter was taken to Regional One for medical evaluation following the altercation and is now in custody without bond at the Shelby County Jail where he awaits further legal proceedings. At the same time, the damaged section of the Kroger store has been secured and business operations have resumed as normal. The store was said to be open to the public despite the chaos that unfolded hours before, as stated by La Prensa Latina.