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Published on April 23, 2024
New York and Oregon Voters Face April 30 Deadline to Register and Declare Party for PrimariesSource: Multnomah County

Time's ticking for New Yorkers who want their voices heard. The deadline to register to vote, and pick a political party for the upcoming May 21st primary election, is looming on April 30, according to a news release. Don't let this date slip by or you'll be sitting out on deciding who is running in the general election.

Oregonians dragging their feet need to kick it into high gear. Those without a current Oregon driver's license, permit, or ID can go old school with a paper Oregon Voter Registration Card available at the postal office, local libraries, and the Multnomah County Duniway-Lovejoy Elections Building. But, for the internet-savvy, registration takes just a few clicks at OregonVotes.gov/Register.

Already on the books to vote? Now's the perfect chance to ensure your details are sharp and updated. Head over to oregonvotes.gov/myvote to make changes online. Remember, if you're aiming to vote in the Democratic or Republican closed primaries – you'd better declare your allegiance by the April 30 deadline, or else you're getting the nonpartisan ballot, only bunching state and local measures and offices.

Those multilingual ballot trackers out there, rejoice. Multco's rocking the vote with services in English, Spanish, to Russian, and Chinese to name a few. Stay in the loop with texts, emails, or calls about your ballot's journey – Multnomah County's got you covered at multnomah.ballottrax.net. They even throw in a digital "I Voted" sticker, for the social media flair once you've done your civic duty.

Can't hunker down at home come election day? No sweat. Request an absentee ballot by filling out an Application or contact the Elections office for a hand. And, starting April 25, the Voting Center Express in Gresham throws open its doors. It's more than a snazzy name – it's an all-access pass to ballot replacement, registration updates, and voting with ease, every weekday with bonus hours as election day nears.

In the heart of the elections season hustle, don't blink or you'll miss key dates. Pamphlets hit homes starting April 24, ballots roll out May 1, and don't even think about missing election day on May 21. For the path to the polls, the journey's end is the Election Office, or any official drop site by 8 p.m. election night. Ignite that democratic spirit, and make it count before the clock runs out.