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Published on April 22, 2024
Pennsylvania Department of State Unveils Redesigned Election Results Website for Upcoming PollsSource: Unsplash / {Element5 Digital}

In a digital overhaul aimed at bolstering the democratic process, the Pennsylvania Department of State has made significant improvements to its election night returns website, making it easier for voters to track up-to-the-minute results from the upcoming elections. According to the department's announcement, the redesigned site will go live as the polls close on April 23, providing a streamlined, user-friendly platform for Pennsylvanians to follow both statewide, and county-level results.

The site,, is designed for ease of use with features like customizable searches, mobile-friendly viewing, and a “My County" link for localized results. Al Schmidt, Secretary of the Commonwealth, said, “Our election night returns website will provide voters, candidates, and members of the media with a resource to find the most comprehensive picture of how Pennsylvanians voted.” In a testament to the efforts of the department, there are also security and accuracy enhancements in place to safeguard the integrity of the site's election night data.

However, patience is advised, as Pennsylvania law forbids the pre-canvassing of mail-in and absentee ballots before 7 a.m. on Election Day. Schmidt emphasized the importance of accuracy over speed, stating that “ensuring each vote is accurately and securely counted is the top priority.” This call for patience is combined with a reminder that more than 876,000 state voters requested mail-in or absentee ballots for the primary election, signaling the value of a reliable digital tracking system.

For Pennsylvanians voting by mail, Schmidt urges the swift return of completed ballots. With Primary Day fast approaching, hand delivery to county elections offices or a designated drop box site is recommended to guarantee timely arrival. Ballots arriving past 8 p.m. on primary night will not be tallied, even if postmarked earlier. Noteworthy as well, is that voters can choose to cast their votes in person on April 23, provided they have not already done so by mail ballot.

Voting procedures allow individuals with disabilities or those in need of an emergency absentee ballot to designate a person to return their ballot. On Election Day, voters have various options if they wish to vote in-person – they can surrender their unvoted mail ballot or cast a provisional ballot if necessary. First-time voters at polling places must show proper ID, which could be photo or non-photo ID. While the primary is primarily for registered Democrats and Republicans to select their nominees, all registered voters may have their say on any local ballot questions and in the special election for state representative in the 139th Legislative District.