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Published on April 20, 2024
Philadelphia City Council Hits Legislative Home Run with Over Two Dozen New Bills and ResolutionsSource: Philadelphia City Council

Philly lawmakers are swinging into action with a slew of new bills, flexing their legislative muscles with a batting lineup of over two dozen resolutions and bills, all aimed at improving the City of Brotherly Love. As reported by, the Philadelphia City Council has approved a range of measures in their recent meeting, setting the stage for Mayor Cherelle Parker's next move—either signing off on or vetoing the freshly passed actions.

The council's agenda was packed with heavy-hitter items, featuring key monetary maneuvers such as Bills #240176-A, #240177, and #240178. These were put forward by At-Large Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson on behalf of Council President Kenyatta Johnson, pitching approximately $65.6 million into mid-year funding for programs crafted by the mayor's administration. These efforts signal the councilmembers' commitment to steering the city's fiscal policy towards home base in the current Fiscal Year 2024 Budget.

Also grabbing the spotlight was Resolution #240294, pitched by Councilmember Quetcy M. Lozada of the Seventh District. This resolution steps up to the plate to establish a "Special Committee on Kensington," aimed at scrutinizing existing policies and crafting data-driven solutions to restore a sense of normalcy to the Kensington neighborhood. In the ballpark of worker support, Resolution #240295—pushed by At-Large Councilmember Jim Harrity—salutes food service workers at the Philadelphia Sports Complex. It urges Aramark to step up to the plate and negotiate fair wages and health insurance coverage.

Additionally, At-Large Councilmember Nina Ahmad's Resolution #240297 swings for the fences by calling for the United States government to protect reproductive rights and uphold abortion access which echoes the sentiments of those who see the underpinning of bodily autonomy critically linked to freedom and equity however the confrontations on this contentious topic continues to cast long shadows in the societal diamond triggering responses that range from endorsement to outrage across communities, a reflection of America's unresolved dialogue with its own ideals of liberty.

The Philadelphia City Council is not shy about swinging for the fence, addressing protections for displaced service workers through Bill #240088 introduced by Harrity, and taking aim at motor vehicles with sun screening devices via Bill #240158 crafted by Councilmembers Mike Driscoll and Mark Squilla—a sign that the councilmembers are keeping their eye on the ball with a range of policies designed to cover all bases towards a fair and just city landscape. The assembly of over two dozen bills that are now sliding into the Mayor's territory underscores the council's active engagement in reshaping Philadelphia's future, with the ball now firmly in Mayor Parker's court for the final call.