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Published on April 20, 2024
Pinal County Officials Engage with District 3 Residents in Candid Town Hall GatheringSource: Pinal County

Residents of District 3 had the chance to engage directly with their local officials this week as District 3 Supervisor Stephen Q. Miller hosted a town hall event on Wednesday at Casa Grande, where hot-button issues were discussed, and citizens could voice their concerns. County Attorney Kent Volkmer, Sheriff Mark Lamb, and County Recorder Dana Lewis, joined by representatives from various county departments, sat alongside Miller to field questions and provide updates on matters affecting the community, as per the Pinal County.

The town hall, which took place just days ago, opened a platform for candid discourse on public safety, infrastructure, and community services, the constituents who attended the event were eager for information and the officials didn't disappoint in delivering updates that touched on initiatives and challenges, they spoke to a room crowded with interested and engaged voters.

According to the Pinal County website, the event was not only about providing information but also about fostering a two-way conversation between the county's leaders and its citizens—a move that Supervisor Miller hopes will enhance transparency and trust within the community. Indeed, the chance to interact directly with those in charge appeared to be a welcome opportunity for many residents.