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Published on April 11, 2024
Portland Cat Tony "Scarface" Baloney Among Finalists in National Wacky Pet Name ContestSource: Unsplash/ Raul Varzar

Some pets earn their fifteen minutes of fame for their antics or viral videos, but for a select few, it’s all in the name – the wackier, the better. Take, for example, a Portland cat and two New York pets who have clawed their way to notoriety, not for any particularly impressive feat, but for the bizarre monikers bestowed upon them by their quirky human counterparts.

Meet Tony “Scarface” Baloney, a feline resident of Portland, whose name is tugging on the nation's funny bone. According to KPTV, he's in contention for the title of having one of the “Wacky Pet Names” in the annual contest put on by insurance giant Nationwide. Originally an ode to the 1983 crime thriller, his owners quickly realized that Tony’s personality was far too comical for a hardened gangster persona, and thus, Tony Baloney stuck. Known for his championship-level napping abilities, this precocious pet could soon nap his way to national recognition.

But Tony isn't the only critter from the Empire State making a splash. Skullcrusher, a mixed domestic shorthair, and ‘Thor Odinbun, God of Bunder,’ a Holland Lop bunny, hail from Corning and Norwich respectively. These two have also hopped up the ranks to join the illustrious list of finalists. The names are nothing short of imaginative, warranting a double-take and likely a good chuckle. RochesterFirst highlighted these outlandish entrants when the finalists were announced last Tuesday.

The contest's charm is undeniable – with entrants like "Midsize Sedan" the tortoise and "Beezelbun" the bunny conjuring images of animals oddly embodying these random objects or characters. The public can't get enough of this lighthearted fodder amid the daily news cycle's typically dreary tide. And then there's "Snoop Hoggy Hog," because, why not? Along with Tony “Scarface” Baloney, these delightfully named creatures have managed to capture our collective imaginings, according to KTVZ.

While the competition is stiff, and the stakes are, well, non-existent, the joy that these pets bring to their owners – and now to the public – is palpable. It's a testament to the creativity, if not the cheekiness, of pet parents across the nation. No matter who wins this gloriously absurd contest, one thing's certain: this menagerie of oddly dubbed animals has made a mark far beyond any conventional pet show. And that, dear readers, is nothing to sneeze at – or should we say, nothing to meow or thump at.