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Published on April 13, 2024
MSPCA Hosts Fee-Waived Adoption Drive for NYC Shelter Dogs Amid Overcrowding CrisisSource: Google Street View

In a move to ease the pressure on packed New York City animal shelters, 14 dogs are en route to Massachusetts where the MSPCA hopes they will find new homes. These dogs, brought from the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC of NYC), are mostly large, bully-breed mixes, aged 1 to 8 years old. WCVB reports that the MSPCA is gearing up for a fee-waived adoption event next week in the wake of their arrival.

The MSPCA event, dubbed "Ready, Set, Dog!" coincides with the Boston marathon and will take place from April 15 through April 22. All adoption fees for dogs over six months old will be waived at all four MSPCA locations. Mike Keiley, vice president of animal protection at MSPCA-Angell told that the national dog population crisis is a significant issue in the Northeast, not just in Southern or warm-weather states as is commonly perceived.

New York's ACC of NYC is currently caring for over 300 dogs, despite having a capacity of only 180. This overpopulation has forced shelters to double up dogs in kennels and use pop-up crates in offices and hallways. Jessica Vaccaro, NYACC's director of placement, expressed gratitude to the MSPCA for the partnership, stating, "Being able to relocate so many large breed dogs opens up much needed kennel space and assists us in our mission to end animal homelessness in NYC," as mentioned in an interview by WCVB.

Dogs part of the relocation are expected to be up for adoption at the event, following a state-mandated 48-hour quarantine and any necessary medical care. The MSPCA notes that eliminating barriers like adoption costs is critical in the fight against the dog population crisis. The MSPCA also plans to rehome more than 100 dogs during the week-long event, including Dove, a two-year-old mixed-breed dog who is recovering from a gunshot wound to her face. "Now, it’s time for her to turn the page and start a new life, and what better place to do that than here in Massachusetts," Keiley said in a statement obtained by Further information about Dove and the adoptathon is available on the MSPCA website.