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Published on April 23, 2024
San Marcos Police Reveal Details on the Fatal Shooting of 22-Year-Old by OfficerSource: Google Street View

The San Marcos Police Department has come forward with details surrounding a fatal police shooting that claimed the life of 22-year-old Malachi Williams on April 11. The incident unfolded after two men reported being followed by Williams, who later threatened them with knives, according to KXAN.

The confrontation began near East Hopkins and Cheatham Street when the men, feeling threatened by Williams, who was following them after an encounter at a convenience store, contacted a family member for help. Upon arrival of the family member, Williams "pulled out two knives and threatened them both," Stan Standridge, San Marcos Police Department Chief, as detailed by KXAN. After retreating to their home and calling 911, the officers found Williams still at the store.

In their video statement, the San Marcos Police indicated that an officer located Williams in the store's restroom. After refusing to comply and fleeing the store, the officer attempted to deploy a stun gun twice without success. "Video evidence showed Williams had at least one knife visible in his hand," Standridge said. 

Following the shooting, officers provided first aid to Williams, who was transported to Seton Hays Hospital in Kyle and pronounced dead. Williams, believed to be unhoused and without records of mental health services in Texas, was carrying "8-inch kitchen knives," police said, as per KXAN. The San Marcos Police underscored that deadly force is only justifiable "to protect officers or others from an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury, or to prevent the escape of a fleeing, violent individual who poses a significant threat."

The department expressed its intention to release body cam footage promptly and asserts that the case will be reviewed by the Hays County District Attorney's office. Throughout these revelations, Chief Standridge extended "sincere condolences to the Malachi Williams family," emphasizing that this outcome was never desired by any party involved.