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Published on May 02, 2024
Chandler Joins Elite List as Governor Abbott Certifies City in Music Friendly Texas ProgramSource: Google Street View

Governor Greg Abbott has officially designated Chandler as a Music Friendly Texas Certified Community, making it the latest Texas city to join the ranks of communities focused on boosting their local music industry. This initiative, which was announced on the Texas governor's website, acknowledges Chandler's efforts to foster economic development and job creation in conjunction with the Texas Music Office (TMO).

"Music is key to the Texas brand and is deeply rooted in the cultural traditions of our great state," said Governor Abbott. To fully harness the potential of music in driving economic vitality, the state has leveraged the TMO to attract and develop local music talent. Abbott's announcement emphasized that Texas' music industry isn't just tunes and lyrics – it's a robust economic powerhouse that generated over $26 billion and accounted for more than 192,000 jobs just last year.

The city's geographic and cultural landscape is set to be a fertile ground for the music and the arts. In an official statement, Senator Bob Hall praised Texas for nurturing world-class musicians and emphasized the importance of community support in sustaining the vitality of local talents. Chandler, dubbed the 'City with a Heart,' is poised to gain not just state attention but a wider visitorship drawn to its burgeoning music scene.

Representative Cody Harris, echoing Hall's sentiments, congratulated city leaders for their unwavering commitment to preserving Chandler's inviting character, which is soon to include a diverse music industry. Sporting its new Music Friendly label, Chandler aims to strategically position itself in the entertainment map, inviting tourists and music aficionados alike to experience its cultural offerings firsthand.

The certification ceremony is scheduled for the upcoming Chandler Chamber/EDC Luncheon on May 9, where attendees will celebrate the city's achievement at the Chandler Community Center. This reflects Chandler's ongoing commitment to economic and cultural growth, cementing its reputation as a hub for music and business alike.

Chandler, which now becomes the 60th Music Friendly Texas Certified Community, is looking forward to the benefits the designation brings. Rick Ford, Executive Director of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and EDC, in a statement obtained by the Governor's Office, stated "Music and the arts have such a rich heritage with deep roots in our state. This will allow our community the tools we need to attract and develop our local musicians and artists, which in turn can help boost both our economic growth and job creation."