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Published on April 17, 2024
Seattle Fire Department Celebrates Promotions and Welcomes New Personnel at Fire Station 10 CeremonySource: Fire Line, Seattle Fire Department

The ranks within the Seattle Fire Department are changing, with a host of promotions and new hires announced in a recent ceremony. Fire Chief Harold Scoggins helmed the April 16 event at Fire Station 10, where the department welcomed new faces and celebrated the professional advancements of its seasoned personnel.

As described on the Seattle Fire Line, the department’s ceremony was as much a testament to individual dedication as it was a nod to collective growth. Newcomers into the department include Jeffrey Harper stepping in as Sr. Management Systems Analyst, Kaila Lafferty taking up the dual role of Public Relations Specialist and Medic 2 Coordinator, and Gina Nelson filling the position of Sr. Accountant.

But it wasn't just about the new hires. Promotions within the professional staff were also significant, with Necia Marte-Phelps moving up to the rank of Sr. Executive Assistant. The ceremony was a display of the ladder of leadership that forms the backbone of the department, highlighting the chain of command and the readiness of its members to take on greater responsibility.

In the line of fire, promotion is not just a title change; it's an acknowledgment of bravery, expertise, and commitment. Celebrating their rise to the title of Lieutenant were Cory Barker, Vicente Bolisig, Jr., Seamus Boxley, Nicholas Fawcett, Matthew Hoffman, Jeffrey Miller, Matthew Mullins, and Kyle Villeneuve. Meanwhile, on the captain front, Michael Dulas, Kristopher Holien, Craig Patterson, Steven Wilkins, and Nicholas Wood were honored with their well-earned upgrades to Captains. Adding a cherry to top the already impressive ceremony, the department hailed Schon Branum as the newly minted Deputy Chief, according to Seattle Fire Line.