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Published on April 02, 2024
Shelby County Health Department Hosts Free Public Health Events to Mark National WeekSource: Google Street View

In an effort to highlight the essential services they provide while engaging the Shelby County community, the Shelby County Health Department (SCHD) is rolling out a series of free events to mark National Public Health Week. A thread of activities, each tied to a theme set by the American Public Health Association (APHA), targets a range of public health issues, from environmental well-being to emergency preparedness. One standout event in the week's lineup was a free HIV testing clinic today, aiming to raise awareness and facilitate accessibility to crucial sexual health resources.

Highlights of the week included mosquito control measures intended to curb the spread of the West Nile Virus, with planned routes for FDA-approved insecticide spraying released in advance through various media channels, La Prensa Latina reported. Addressing a decidedly more upbeat note, free native tree distribution aimed at bolstering healthy neighborhoods and combating climate change was executed last Wednesday - with planting instructions provided, until the supplies ran out. Dr. Michelle Taylor underscored the importance of such measures stating, "Food safety inspections and mosquito control activities are excellent examples of the behind-the-scenes work public health does to protect the public and prevent the spread of disease," in a statement obtained by La Prensa Latina.

Moreover, the SCHD has demonstrated a commitment to engaging diverse communities within Shelby County through an outreach event for the Spanish-speaking community and has initiated collaboration to train future public health workforce in partnership with the University of Memphis School of Public Health. These efforts align the SCHD's initiative with this year's National Public Health Week theme of "Connecting and Thriving," according to WREG's and SCHD's own announcements.

The week is set to conclude with a focus on emergency preparedness, with SCHD testing the effectiveness of its emergency response systems in a drill, alongside a distribution of tornado safety information via social media. Such concerted efforts by the Shelby County Health Department serve as a reminder of the continual work undertaken by public health entities to safeguard and promote the wellness of local communities. In doing so, they provide a silent but essential backdrop to the daily lives of citizens, echoed in the diligent work chronicled during National Public Health Week.

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