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Published on April 21, 2024
Taco Bell Heats Up Menu With Secret Aardvark in Nationwide Return of Nacho FriesSource: Google Street View

Taco Bell is reigniting the passion of spud and spice lovers alike by bringing back their cult-classic Nacho Fries, but this time, there's a twist. The iconic fast-food chain has partnered with the Portland-based hot sauce brand Secret Aardvark to create a new fusion of flavors that blend the heat of the Serrabanero Ranch sauce into the beloved fry recipe. This nationwide return starting April 25 promises to be the longest tenure for Nacho Fries on the menu yet.

The Serrabanero Ranch sauce, a concoction capturing the zest of green tomatoes and roasted tomatillos along with the heat from serrano and green habanero peppers, expertly mingled with a rich ranch is set to elevate the taste experience of Nacho Fries to previously uncharted terrains, the fries this time will not only be doused with this unique sauce but will also be garnished with seasoned chicken and a three-cheese blend all for a wallet-friendly $4.99, as stated by KOIN.

Taco Bell isn't just spicing up its menu; it's also heating up its loyalty rewards with an exclusive offer. The company is offering a "secret" Tuesday Drop for select Taco Bell Fire! Tier Rewards Members will get the first crack at the new offering through the Taco Bell app on April 23, USA Today reports. But the chain is keeping mum on the exact details until the reveal, telling rewards members to keep an eye on the app for the spicy surprise.

In what marks the eleventh resurgence of the Nacho Fries, Taco Bell's decision to incorporate Secret Aardvark's distinctively flavorful hot sauce into its menu represents a novel era in the chain's approach to innovation; "This revolutionary partnership heralds a new era of flavor with an innovative blend of heat and zest," announced the food giant in its press release, as per USA Today.