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Published on April 19, 2024
Texas Tyke's Shocking Confession To Slaying Man at Just Seven Years OldSource: Unsplash/ David von Diemar

A chilling confession from a 10-year-old Texas boy has rattled a small community after he admitted to the cold-blooded murder of a 32-year-old man that occurred two years prior, authorities say. The young boy, whose identity has not been disclosed due to his age, was being questioned over an unrelated threat to another student before revealing his dark secret, CrimeOnline reported.

Sources say that during an inquiry into threatening behavior on a school bus, the boy shockingly confessed to having deliberately taken a firearm from his grandfather's truck and then entered the victim, Brandon O’Quinn Raspberry's, RV to fatally shoot him in the head. At the time of the murder, the child was only seven years old. Despite the severity of the crime, he will not face charges for the murder due to Texas law, which holds that children under 10 are not legally responsible for crimes they commit, as stated by the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office.

The disturbing details emerged after officials at the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office delved into questioning the child. According to KENS 5 News, The child described in detail how he killed 32-year-old Brandon O’Quinn Raspberry, despite having no prior acquaintance or grievance with the man. The gun used in the crime was later found and identified as the murder weapon after officials learned it had been pawned by the boy's grandfather.

Following his confession, the boy was taken to a psychiatric hospital in San Antonio and has since been admitted to a juvenile detention facility in Gonzales County on a charge related to the school bus threat. While the boy might avoid prosecution for the murder, the case has definitely raised questions about juvenile crime and mental health issues. In a statement obtained by CrimeOnline, the sheriff's office remarked on the boy's lack of motive, saying, “The child was also asked if he was mad at Brandon for some reason or if Brandon had ever done anything to him to make him mad, the child stated no.”