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Published on April 17, 2024
Tucson Mayor Regina Romero Leads 'Team Up to Clean Up' for Earth Day Neighborhood RevitalizationSource: Wikipedia/The United States Senate - Office of Senator Martha McSally, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Tucson's Mayor Regina Romero is rolling up her sleeves to spruce up the 29th Street Thrive Zone. The Earth Day Clean Up Event, slated for this Friday, isn't just a photo-op for the dedicated mayor. It’s a rallying cry for the community to dust off their work gloves and get down to business beautifying their turf. Calling on residents to pitch in, the event is a responsible step towards neighborhood revitalization and promises to create vibrant living spaces in the urban sprawl.

Led by Romero, the initiative comes with a fistful of numbers that should make the locals proud. As the cleanup crusader, she's championing a colossal effort with 668 volunteers who have raked up 576 bags of trash like clockwork. “Our expansion into the 29th Street Thrive Zone will bring people, businesses and organizations together with the City to help identify the investments needed to revitalize this area. This day of service is a great way to kick off Earth Week by caring for Tucson neighborhoods,” said Mayor Regina Romero in a statement released on the city’s website. Lagging behind are the 1,104 hours of sheer manpower including contributions by Tucson's own employees, an illustration of what public service is truly about.

The event, hailed as "Team Up to Clean Up," goes beyond mere trash collection. Set at the Pima Community College, East Calle Aurora, it's an open call for anyone with a regard for their surroundings to stand with the City. Donations like sturdy shoes that should be closed-toe, and a penchant for long sleeves and pants will pay dividends in the long run. Volunteers showing up are advised to harness the sun's rays responsibly—with hats and sunglasses—while the City plays good Samaritan, throwing in gloves, safety vests, and skin-saving sunscreen into the bargain.

True to Tucson's ethos, businesses, local organizations, and neighborhood compatriots are prodded to roll out their clean-up acts. The beneficent Environmental and General Services Department is pledging its full support — with tools in hand and debris-hauling abilities standing at the ready. As part of an ongoing narrative, residents can sign up for future events. Water is key to staying hydrated, a resource the city will provide alongside park patrols equipped with trash grabbers to keep hands free from the city’s grime.