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Published on April 24, 2024
Weekend Detours Ahead, Eastbound US 60 Closed in Phoenix for Broadway Curve ImprovementsSource: Arizona Department of Transportation

Brace for detours, New Yorkers! The Arizona Department of Transportation is putting the brakes on eastbound US 60 – it'll be off-limits between I-10 and Mill Avenue from April 26 to April 29. The shutdown starts at 10 p.m. this Friday and won't let up until the early hours of Monday. Heads up, because a bunch of ramps are also getting the red light: We're talking eastbound I-10 to US 60, westbound I-10 to US 60, Priest Drive on US 60, and Baseline Road on I-10. You'll need to reroute your weekend travels. The Arizona Department of Transportation issued the warning, so don't say you weren't told.

Here's the skinny on the detours: If you're hitting west on I-10, get ready to snake your way through eastbound Loop 202, north on Loop 101, or keep trucking to Broadway Road to flip a U-turn to I-10 eastbound. And for the eastbound junkies on I-10, keep on trucking to Loop 202, north on Loop 101 to jump back on US 60 post-closure. Just a heads-up, though, don't bet your bottom dollar on these plans – weather and other monkey wrenches can toss things up in the air without notice.

And because nobody likes to get stuck, check out the "TheCurve" mobile app or crash the project website's Alerts section. They've got all the real-time details to keep your wheels turning smoothly. This whole rigmarole is part of the I-10 Broadway Curve Improvement Project, which is bankrolled by the half-cent sales tax Maricopa County voters green-lit in 2004 with Proposition 400. It's not just about easing your commute; it's looking to jazz up airport access, sweeten the deal for carpoolers and bus riders, and gear up for the boom of bodies and businesses heading this way in the years to come.

That's the lowdown, folks. Remember, it's a full-court press to keep Phoenix rolling and growing. So while these detours might ruffle your feathers this weekend, it's all in the name of progress. Learn more about what's cookin' with this overhaul by visiting the project website. And fingers crossed, we're all going to be cruising smoother and quicker once the dust settles.

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