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Published on April 02, 2024
Ziggy Bombs Scores with New Brookline Location, Serving Worcester's Best Near Boston UniversitySource: Google Street View

Brookline's dining scene just scored a touchdown with the opening of Ziggy Bombs, a Worcester culinary gem now serving up its famed steak and cheese subs closer to heart of the student life - by Boston University. According to Patrick Maguire's post in the Friends of Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook group, which has become the pulse of local foodies, Ziggy's declared on Instagram, "No April Fools We Are Now Open....Swing down and see us!" Stepping through the door at 173 Amory Street means entering a haven for comfort food enthusiasts, greeted by the sizzle of steak and the aroma of onions on the griddle.

The menu at Ziggy Bombs goes beyond their iconic subs; it boasts an array of mouth-watering choices like smash burgers that just might make you forget about your diet, crispy chicken sandwiches that crunch in just the right way, and sides like nachos and fries to round out the meal, it's clear the eatery doesn't play favorites with flavor. In a statement obtained by Boston Restaurant Talk, this latest food hotspot is positioned right on the Boston line, which could be a game-changer for the local lunch and dinner crowd.

Ziggy Bombs isn't just about the food; it's about the promise - a solemn vow to its loyal customers. The owners have pledged to use "only the finest ingredients," ensuring a culinary experience that's about quality as much as quantity. The official Ziggy Bombs website emphasizes their commitment: "we have made a promise to ourselves and our customers to use only the finest ingredients, to focus on quality, and to serve the freshest and most delicious subs possible."

With doors now officially open, Brookline's food aficionados, BU students looking for a quick bite between classes, and anyone in between, are all invited to dive into a bite of Worcester's best, without trekking beyond city limits. With a mantra focused on fresh, quality eats and a warm, inviting atmosphere, this new kid on the block is spicing up the local food game, and if the company's promises hold true, Ziggy Bombs may just become as much a Boston staple as the Green Monster itself.