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Published on May 26, 2024
A.B. Quintanilla Unexpectedly Dropped from Music Festival After San Antonio Rant and Personal StrugglesSource: Wikipedia/

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By AB Quintanilla - e-mail from owner, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

In a recent shift of events, musician A.B. Quintanilla, brother of the late Tejano superstar Selena, has been scratched unexpectedly from a music festival line-up amid a swirl of personal issues and public outbursts. The Tejano artist was set to take the stage this weekend but was pulled out due to "unforeseen circumstances," a vague phrase that left many speculating about the reasons behind the cancellation. Festival organizers broke the news in a Facebook video with apologies for the abrupt change, but no further details were offered, as reported by Fox San Antonio.

The ouster comes on the heels of an unsettling episode during Tejano Explosion 2024, when Quintanilla unleashed a rant against an apparently lackluster audience. The tirade, showing an artist at his wits' end, was caught on video and quickly spread through social media channels. "To work so f****** hard over all these years to bring your kids, and you guys come here and you can't even f****** raise your hands to f***** clap or be happy, man, you know, that feels sad for us and for me," Quintanilla said in an outburst that put his despair on full display. He later issued an apology on Instagram, touching on personal health matters, only to remove it shortly thereafter.

In his since-deleted Instagram video, Quintanilla revealed that he recently faced a cancer scare and had been going off certain medications prescribed for mental health conditions he has struggled with since his sister's tragic death. "I’m bipolar, basically. And when not taking medications, things that happen like last night on San Antonio onstge, it’s the scariest thing because your brain just goes crazy, you break basically, and I broke last night," he explained in the emotional video, as per Fox San Antonio. Through the public apology, Quintanilla sought forgiveness from his fans and the audience whom he had berated in his moment of vulnerability.

Despite his recent health revelations and the fall out at the Fiesta event, details surrounding Quintanilla's sudden departure from the festival lineup remain unclear. Fans and followers are left to wonder whether the "unforeseen circumstances" cited by the organizers are directly related to his health issues or if another force majeure has come into play. The artist himself expressed confusion over the term used by organizers. "I was shocked to find out on the internet I would not be performing for ‘unforeseen circumstances,’” Quintanilla expressed, questioning the nature of the predicament. His followers now await further explanations and hope for a speedy resolution to the saga that has caught the attention of the music community and the public alike.