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Published on June 16, 2024
Over 100 Tubers Rescued by Maricopa County Sheriff's Office from Rapid Waters of Salt RiverSource: X/Tonto National Forest

Over one hundred individuals seeking reprieve in the waters of the Salt River found themselves ensnared by nature's capricious whims on Friday. According to 12News, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) mobilized to extricate the group of recreational tubers that had become stranded on Pirates Island due to unexpected swift currents and rising water levels.

The tubers, estimated between 100 and 150, were set to hastily be guided to a pick-up location by the MCSO after their tranquil float turned treacherous. The incident, which unfolded south of the Pebble Beach Recreation Area off Bush Highway, thankfully resulted in no drownings. However, a "handful of people were taken to the hospital," as noted by  FOX 10 Phoenix.

Officials from Tonto National Forest pointed to the whims of nature for this occurrence: the tubers became stranded due to swift currents and high water. In an operation that highlighted the precarious balance between recreation and safety, the rescue team successfully brought everyone to shore by 3 p.m., as cited by 12News.