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Published on May 26, 2024
Anaheim Man Found Fatally Shot Outside Local Liquor Store in Suspected Gang-Related IncidentSource: Anaheim Police Department

Tragedy struck an Anaheim community as a man was gunned down outside a local liquor store on Friday evening. Jesse Barragan, 38, found fatally shot in a parking lot, was pronounced dead at the crime scene located in the 900 block of South Anaheim Boulevard, as confirmed by the Anaheim Police Department.

Detectives are currently piecing together evidence to undress the motives behind the shooting, which occurred close to 7 p.m., and is suspected to be gang-related. So far, the authorities have yet to release a description of any suspects involved. According to a KTLA report, the investigation is actively ongoing as officials call on the public to aid in this urgent matter.

The late Barragan was an Anaheim resident, whose life was cut short by this violent act. The Anaheim Police Department is urging those with any knowledge about the circumstances surrounding Barragan's death to come forward. They can do so by contacting the Anaheim Police at 714-321-3669 or by anonymously reaching out to Orange County Crime Stoppers at 1-855-847-6227, as detailed in an appeal for witness cooperation.

An outpouring of information is critically needed to swiftly bring to justice those responsible for this heinous crime. In a statement obtained by CBS News Los Angeles, investigators have emphasized that solving this case hinges upon the assistance they can hopefully secure from those with insight into the area's gang activities or who may have witnessed the fatal event.