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Published on May 26, 2024
CBP Officers at Roma Port of Entry Intercept $1.3 Million Worth of Cocaine Hidden in Soft Drink TrailerSource: U.S Customs and Border Protection

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers made a major drug bust at the Roma Port of Entry, snagging over $1.3 million worth of cocaine hidden within a soft drink trailer. The incident unfolded on Friday, May 24 when CBP officials decided to more thoroughly inspect a tractor-trailer that was ostensibly transporting a harmless shipment of soft drinks, Fox San Antonio reported.

During the inspection, officers to diligently search the vehicle found 24 packages filled with 101.5 pounds of a substance alleged to be cocaine. According to the CBP, the haul would have had a street value of approximately $1,355,233, Valley Central noted. This latest seizure underscores the ongoing challenges and efforts at the border to curb the illicit drug flow into the United States.

"This significant cocaine seizure in the cargo environment reflects what inspections experience, training of our frontline officers combined with the effective use of our non-intrusive inspections technology can achieve," said Port Director Andres Guerra of the Roma Port of Entry, according to Fox San Antonio. Guerra emphasized the balance between advancing border security while still facilitating lawful trade and travel.

The intercepted drugs are just a snapshot of an unceasing war against the smuggling of illegal substances. The CBP's continued interceptions not only prevent these drugs from potentially ravaging communities but also send a message to traffickers that to persistently attempt to find new methods of concealment will be met with equal vigilance at the border. The use of non-intrusive inspection technology is becoming increasingly vital in these operations, as it equips officers to efficiently detect and seize contraband without hampering legitimate commerce.