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Published on May 23, 2024
Chandler Fire Department Rolls Out Free Emergency Preparedness Training in JuneSource: Chandler Fire Department

The Chandler Fire Department is stepping up its game to equip locals with the know-how to survive disasters. Chandlerites can say goodbye to helplessness during calamities, thanks to a free emergency prep course on offer. The department is schooling residents in self-reliance during the worst Mother Nature can dish out.

The Basic Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training zeroes in on must-have survival skills over two full-on Saturdays, June 1 and June 8. From fire safety smarts to search and rescue basics, folks will get the lowdown at the Chandler Public Safety Training Center, says a press release. Seats are limited,, so snagging a spot via Eventbrite is the bright move.

What's on the survival syllabus? Expect to get the goods on local hazards straight from the horse's mouth. Power outages, flooding, and vicious heat waves are on the card, and that's just the start. It's an all-hands-on-deck scenario, with various community bigwigs, from police to nonprofits, pitching in their two cents. Building an emergency kit for your ride or your pad is also on the agenda, ensuring Chandlerians aren't sitting ducks when disaster strikes.

"Our goal is to give residents the tools, information and the coping skills they need to care for themselves and their families for up to 72 hours following a natural or man-made disaster," Chandler Battalion Chief Blas Minor laid it out plain and simple. According to the press release.

For the nitty-gritty on the Basic CERT course, Chandler's fire aficionados are standing by at 480-782-2120, or hit up [email protected]. All the details are also up for grabs on the Chandler Fire Department's website for those who like to click their way to the intel.