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Published on May 23, 2024
Cochise County Updates Fee Schedule, Regulations for Manufactured Home InstallationsSource: Google Street View

Cochise County residents looking to set up a manufactured home in the area now have updated regulations to consider. The county has officially adjusted its arrangement with the Arizona Department of Housing to manage inspections and uphold installation norms for these homes outside city limits. The new fee schedule, being crucial for those in the process of acquiring mobile residences, reflects the county’s effort to keep services aligned with the state requirements.

While there's always the potential to swiftly become mired in bureaucratic red tape, Cochise County intends to streamline the process for homeowners. This updated service fee schedule ensures that inspections remain thorough, yet do not create unnecessary hurdles for residents working to quickly install their manufactured homes. In an attempt to balance efficiency with regulation, these new measures are anticipated to help both the county and homeowners.

According to the official county announcement, the partnership with ADOH is designed to "conduct inspection services and enforce installation standards," which is crucial in maintaining the quality and safety of these housing options. These updates to fees are part of a move to ensure that the county’s development services are cost-recoverable and in line with the actual costs of inspection services.

For those looking to understand exactly what changes have been made, the full fee schedule can be found on the Cochise County website. It should be noted that fees are not just a bureaucratic checkpoint but are a mechanism to ensure that to properly regulate, safe communities are built and maintained. It's a move that could slightly increase upfront costs for some, but one that sets a standard expected to aid in averting future housing issues within the county.

Residents of the unincorporated areas, often attracted by the allure of space and autonomy a manufactured home offers, will need to evaluate these new costs closely. Whether touching on aspects like foundation inspections or utility connections, the new fee schedule is a critical reference guide for proceeding with construction and installation in line with county requirements. Interested parties and potential homeowners are encouraged to review the details provided by the county to fully understand how the changes may impact their plans.

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