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Published on May 22, 2024
Convicted Felon Arrested for Possession of Loaded Firearm, Brass Knuckles at Rohnert Park Gas StationSource: City of Rohnert Park Police & Fire

Last night, the quiet of a Rohnert Park gas station was broken when local authorities discovered a man, a convicted felon, in possession of dangerous contraband. According to a Facebook post by the City of Rohnert Park Police & Fire, Public Safety Officers responded to a call concerning an individual slumped over in his vehicle.

Arriving at the scene, officers found the car still running and the driver incapacitated at a gas pump. A closer inspection revealed a spent ammunition casing sitting, almost as a silent omen, on the vehicle's windshield. When questioned by officers, the driver admitted to having a loaded firearm in his car and, during a pat-down, they discovered a pair of brass knuckles stowed surreptitiously in his pocket.

The firearm was later located in the center console of the vehicle. Given his status as a convicted felon, the man's possession of these items violates Penal Code §29800. Subsequently, he was arrested for 25850(c)(1) PC, which covers felons in possession of a loaded firearm, and 21810 PC, for possession of brass knuckles.

Rohnert Park authorities remind residents to remain vigilant, suggesting that any in-progress crimes or suspicious activity should be directly reported to 911. For non-emergencies, community members are encouraged to contact the Rohnert Park DPS mainline at 707-584-2600, or request the SAFE TEAM. This incident underscores the importance, of such community vigilance in maintaining public safety.