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Published on June 15, 2024
TBI Marks 3rd Year of Summer Wells Investigation, Reaffirms Dedication to Unsolved Tennessee CaseSource: Google Street View

As the third anniversary of Summer Moon-Utah Wells' disappearance approaches, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) reiterates its commitment to the ongoing investigation. Summer was reported missing on June 15, 2021, from her home in Hawkins County. She was five years old at the time, described as having blonde hair, standing about 4 feet tall, and last seen wearing a pink shirt and gray shorts. Since the TBI joined the search on the day she was reported missing, they have been relentless in their pursuit of answers.

This Friday, the TBI released a statement and a video, where Assistant Director of the TBI's Criminal Investigation Division, Josh Melton expressed a personal connection to the case, "When I see the picture of Summer Wells, I see my daughter," Melton disclosed in the video obtained by WVLT. Despite exhaustive efforts that include the review of over 6,500 tips and continuing ground searches, there is, unfortunately, no conclusive evidence to determine whether Summer was abducted or wandered off and became lost.

In the ongoing quest for the truth, the TBI has continued to bring in experts and utilize technology to parse through leads and conduct extensive interviews. "It is a monstrous task, but it's one that's not overwhelmed us," Melton said according to a report by WBIR. The sentiment is clear: the case of Summer Wells is far from going cold. Each new tip keeps the mystery in motion and ensures that the case remains a top priority for the investigators.

The impact of the disappearance reverberated beyond the Hawkins County borders, capturing the emotional investment of communities and online commentators. As Melton noted, while speculation has been rampant, the TBI remains anchored to fact-based investigation. "We don’t have the evidence in this case to know for sure whether or not Summer was abducted or whether or not she walked away from her home and became lost," Melton remarked on a video release, emphasizing the balanced approach of the investigation, as cited by WATE.

Anyone with information that could shed light on Summer Wells' whereabouts or the circumstances of her disappearance is urged to contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND. As the search extends into another year, the TBI stands resolute, with Melton assuring that "We will keep working on this case until she’s home."