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Published on May 24, 2024
Denton Unveils "Deer Moon" Sculpture by Artist Robert Barnum, Celebrates Fusion of Art and TechnologySource: City of Denton, Texas

The green spaces of Denton just got a metallic makeover with the installation of "Deer Moon," a new art sculpture by Michigan-based artist Robert Barnum. Unveiled in Southwest Denton, the work portrays a slice of Texan wildlife using welded COR-TEN steel and aluminum, featuring a buck, a hawk, and a full moon, according to the City of Denton, Texas.

Student welders from Ferris State University's nationally recognized Welding Engineering Technology Department lent their hands to bring the concept to life. With equipment shut down frequently due to winter challenges, the team soldiered on; they even hauled pieces of heavy metal through thick snow to keep the project on track, Barnum explained. He likened the fusion of art and technology to science, stating that at temperatures over 9000 degrees Fahrenheit, "the molecules in the work metal are moving as if turbocharged."

Despite the hurdles, including power outages and compressor crashes resulting from winter's bite, "Deer Moon" now stands tall on South Bonnie Brae Street. This venture not only beautifies the city but also serves a practical purpose: attracting tourists and their wallets. The sculpture is funded entirely by Hotel Occupancy Tax Funds, which are paid by visitors staying in local hotels and short-term rentals—specifically earmarked to promote Denton as a tourist hotspot.

As of May 21, "Deer Moon" welcomed visitors to Denton, installed personally by Barnum and an assistant. Those looking to catch a glimpse of the sculpture should set their GPS for just north of Vintage Boulevard. For locals and tourists alike, the artwork represents an impressive melding of student ingenuity and municipal investment in cultural arts—as much a symbol of perseverance as it is a visual landmark.

The city's liaison, Omar Siddiqi, could be contacted for further details at (940) 349-8748, or through his email [email protected]. Meanwhile, "Deer Moon" stands as the latest addition to Denton's outdoor gallery, ready for the public's gaze under the Texas sky.