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Published on May 22, 2024
Former President Trump Gathers with Top Energy Leaders at Exclusive Houston Luncheon for Campaign FundraiserSource: Wikipedia/Shaleah Craighead, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Donald J. Trump hits Houston today for an invite-only lunch, rubbing elbows with top dogs in oil. Trump is set to meet behind closed doors with the energy sector's elite, including Harold Hamm of Continental Resources, Occidental Petroleum’s Vicki Hollub, and Energy Transfer Partners' Kelcy Warren, as reported by FOX 26 Houston. This gathering, organized by Make America Great Again Inc., has the distinction of strict guest list control and non-transferable invites, ensuring an intimate exchange between Trump and a handful of industry leaders.

The fundraiser details, like its specific location at Houston’s swanky Post Oak Hotel, and the agenda, were disclosed to those who RSVP'd. Reuters shared a glimpse into the event, with funds raised set to fatten Trump’s presidential campaign coffers. Drillers, who typically favor Trump's energy policies over President Joe Biden's renewable push, are showing their support in spades. The former president’s speech is on the docket, but the finer points of the conversation are kept under lock and key. Contributions were welcomed with open arms, pointing to the event’s dual purpose as a fundraiser.

Hollub of Occidental told Reuters, she’s in talks across the aisle to bolster federal subsidies for carbon capture tech—an effort her company is deeply invested in. Despite the hefty price tag and questions around its commercial viability, Hollub's company is plunging ahead, even planning to construct the globe's largest direct air capture facility.

The silent partners in this engagement, Continental and Energy Transfer Partners, have offered no comment on the luncheon’s proceedings. However, Hamm and Warren’s backing of Trump is no state secret; the energy moguls are solid in their support, with Hamm even serving as an informal advisor to Trump during his presidency. Last month’s Mar-a-Lago meeting, where Trump reportedly sought a cool $1 billion from oil executives.