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Published on May 24, 2024
Fremont Chipotle on Mowry Avenue Temporarily Closes Following Minor Fire IncidentSource: Fremont Fire Department

A Chipotle eatery in Fremont has shut its doors for the foreseeable future after a fire broke out Thursday morning, necessitating a response from local firefighting teams at approximately 9:15 a.m. NBC Bay Area reports that the blaze occurred at Chipotle, located at 2760 Mowry Ave, and was quickly controlled by an automatic fire extinguishing system before crews arrived.

The Fremont Fire Department confirmed that firefighters were met with the sight of the extinguishing system in action, dousing what was described as a minor conflagration. They have dispatched at the sign of trouble to the commercial structure, and the restaurant will remain closed until it is deemed safe to reopen, as noted on their official Facebook page.

As the Mowry Avenue establishment undergoes repairs, Chipotle patrons in the Fremont area can reroute their cravings to either of the nearby outposts at 5565 Auto Mall Parkway or 44029 Osgood Road #106, thus ensuring that access to burrito bowls and guac remains uninterrupted during this period.

While an inconvenience for some, the closing of one chain location appears a minute disruption in the grand mosaic that is the Bay Area's diverse food landscape. A temporary shuttering amid a community well-versed in the unforeseen, according to the details provided by NBC Bay Area and echoed by the social media announcement made by the Fremont Fire Department.