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Published on May 24, 2024
Frisco Installs New Traffic Signals for Emergency Response Boost, Drivers Advised to Exercise CautionSource: Google Street View

The city of Frisco announced the roll-out of two emergency traffic signals on May 23, and drivers should be on the lookout. According to an official statement, the signals have been installed on Eldorado Pkwy. at Fire Station #5 and on W. Stonebrook Pkwy. in front of Fire Station #7.

Typically flashing a casual yellow light, these signals are like a slumbering giant—mostly calm, but always ready to roar into action when duty calls. The moment an emergency vehicle needs to burst forth from its station, the signals will wake up, shifting from their yellow snooze to an alert steady yellow, before halting traffic entirely with a red. This sequence ensures that our city's first responders can sprint towards emergencies unimpeded. As specified in the City of Frisco, drivers should proceed with caution when the light is flashing yellow, and prepare to stop when it shifts.

Adapting to new traffic controls can be a hassle, no doubt about it. Yet, the essence of these signals is protection—protection for the firemen and women charging into harm's way, and for the civilians who rely on their swift response. Motorists are urged to exercise extra caution while adjusting to these changes. If the community can come together, and adapt to this adjustment, this exchange of a few seconds at a light for a life possibly saved seems, by all means, a fair trade.