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Published on May 23, 2024
Glendale Police Crack Down on Burglary, 8 Arrested, Including Alleged "Burglary Tourists" and High-Speed Chase SuspectsSource: Facebook/Glendale Police Department

The Glendale Police Department nabbed eight burglary suspects in a 24-hour crime crackdown, according to a report. The arrests divided into two separate incidents, one involving a vehicle chase down the 2 Freeway, the other an alleged "Burglary Tourism" ring targeting the swanky Emerald Isle neighborhood.

An outside agency tip led Glendale cops to a wanted vehicle on Tuesday, sparking a pursuit that ended when the suspects' vehicle hit a van on the York Boulevard offramp; the four perps then fled on foot but were captured with help from K9 units and air support. Deamontae Pitts, Leslie Earl Hall, Terrence Hall, and Leldon Caldwell face several charges, including felony evading, hit and run, and resisting arrest, with additional pending charges from the initial agency, according to a statement from Glendale Police.

The night before, Glendale officers outsmarted four Colombian nationals allegedly involved in a sophisticated burglary operation. The suspects were accused of planting surveillance devices in a way that's, frankly, straight out of a spy flick. The group, including one Bryan Martinez Vargas—already on the cops' radar after a prior chase and arrest last month—were nabbed for conspiracy to commit burglary as they seemingly set eyes on high-end homes.

Police Chief Manny Cid praised his team's unwavering work, declaring, "These arrests are a testament to the unwavering dedication and tenacity of our officers," and termed the swift action and coordination among units as paramount to clamping down on organized crime in the area, the GPD committed to deploying every resource to ensure locals can rest easy; this, part of the force's ongoing strategy since they set up a Residential Burglary Task Force in 2023 to get ahead of a concerning spike in home invasions.

Glendale residents are being urged to stay alert and report anything fishy; if you've got the skinny on any burglaries, the Glendale Police Department wants a word, simply dial 818-548-4911 and help them help you.