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Published on May 23, 2024
Arizona Opens Extra Lane Near Premier Tourist Attraction to Ease Summer TrafficSource: Google Street View

Just in time to beat the heat of the summer travel madness, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has thrown drivers a bone with a second northbound lane opening up on State Route 64 — a gateway for Grand Canyon National Park enthusiasts. As visitors gear up for some sightseeing at one of nature's most majestic spectacles, they can expect a smoother cruise through the oft-tangled road near Tusayan.

The ADOT announcement detailed the safety project that put crews to work on re-striping and re-marking pavement to pave way for the additional traffic lane on a critical half-mile stretch between Coyote Lane roundabout and Moqui Drive, just north of Tusayan. "We’ve partnered with Tusayan staff and the local community to get this work done, creating additional traffic capacity that will help travelers heading north into the park,” Northcentral District Administrator Brenden Foley told the folks over at ADOT.

Officials in Tusayan have been chomping at the bit for this kind of infrastructure improvement. Tusayan Mayor Clarinda Vail threw her weight behind the project, aiming to alleviate the brake-slamming and swerving conditions caused by traffic jams. "Improving traffic flow in this area will promote safer conditions," Vail said. "Congestion over time has led to drivers making unsafe moves, especially with pedestrians in the area. We appreciate ADOT's efforts to create this new lane."

With the road being the prime route for the state's premier tourist attraction, Mayor Vail was quick to underscore the importance of the lane addition: “It may seem like a simple change, but we know it’s a big step that helps us manage traffic near the state’s top tourist attraction,” she added. Meanwhile, those hitting the road can keep abreast of real-time highway conditions by tapping into ADOT’s Arizona Traveler Information site at, the az511 app, or giving a ring to 511.

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